The academic year is divided into two semesters. Each semester is made up of two nine-week quarters. Quarterly grade reports are available at the parent/teacher conferences scheduled for the end of the 1st quarter and midway through the 3rd quarter. Semester grades are sent home and recorded to the student's official transcripts. Final exams will be given in high school courses.

BCS offers two tracks for graduation. A General Requirements  track  and a College Prep  Requirements track.
Subject                  General Requirements   College Prep Requirements
English/Literature                    4.04.0
World History                            1.0 1.0
U.S. History                                   1.01.0
AK Studies                                    0.5                                            0.5
US Government                     0.5 0.5
World Economics                    0.5                                         0.5
Humanities Elective               0.5                                         0.5
Math                               4.0   4.0
Science                             3.0 4.0
World Language                        0.0                                         2.0
Health                           0.5 0.5
P.E.                            1.0                                         1.0
Electives                              2.0                                         0.5
*Bible                                               4.0 (1/year)                            4.0  _______________________________
Total Graduation Credits:      22.5 credits                         24 credits
**Beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, BCS will offer two diploma tracks with diplomas marked accordingly: General Diploma or College Prep Diploma.  College-bound students will require 4 English/Literature credits; 4 Mathematics credits meeting Alaska Performance Scholarship requirements; 4 History/Social Studies credits; 4 Science credits; 4 Bible credits; 1.5 PE/Health credits; 2.0 World Language credits of the same language; and a minimum 0.5 elective credits.  Students earning a General Diploma will complete a minimum of 22.5 credits with 1.0 credit less than College Prep students in Science and no World Language requirement.  General diploma recipients will complete their required 22.5 credits with a minimum of 2.0 elective credits.    ( More details on Page 17 of the Student Handbook)

SYCAMORE: (Online grade book) Parents are encouraged to monitor student progress and current grades through SYCAMORE. Weekly assignments and grades will be posted regularly.

Chapel: A regularly scheduled worship and/or teaching time will be set aside each week for all of our students.